There are different ways in which you can contact the web hosting company whose services you’re using, but the one that you’ll always find regardless of which company you pick is a support ticket system. It’s the easiest form of communication for a variety of reasons. If no client care team member is available at the moment and they’re all engaged, a telephone call may not be replied to, but a ticket will always be received. In addition, you can copy ‘n’ paste extensive bits of info without having to worry about typing mistakes, and if a given issue requires more time to be fixed or a number of replies must be exchanged, all the info will be in one and the same location, so each party can always see the comments added by the other one. The negative aspect of using tickets to touch base with your hosting provider is that they’re typically separate from the web hosting platform, which goes to say that if you need to supply information or to adhere to instructions, you’ll need to use no less than 2 different admin dashboards and this number can rise if you want to manage multiple domain names. Also, lots of hosting providers reply to tickets after a few hours, or even once in every 24 hours, and for you as a customer, this simply means wasted time whilst waiting for an answer.
Integrated Ticketing System in Cloud Website Hosting
In stark contrast to what you may find with lots of other hosting companies, the support ticket system that we are using with our Linux cloud website hosting plans is an integral part of the Hepsia hosting Control Panel, which comes with all accounts. You will not need to memorize different log-on names and passwords, since you will be able to manage your tickets and the web hosting account itself from one single place. So, if you’ve got an enquiry or run into a challenge, you can contact our client service team right away. Our system offers a clever search option. This suggests that even in case you’ve posted many tickets through the years, you will be able to find the one that you need with ease. Besides, you can read knowledge base instructions for resolving commonly faced problems.
Integrated Ticketing System in Semi-dedicated Servers
In case you’ve got a semi-dedicated server account with our company and you’d like to contact our help desk team representatives, you will be able to send a ticket straight from your Hepsia hosting Control Panel instead of using a completely different tech support platform like you will have to do with the vast majority of web hosting providers on the market. Our integrated ticketing system will permit you to post a new ticket without difficulty and to search through older tickets using a clever search box. Also, you will be able to have a look at the applicable knowledgebase articles that our system will offer you based on the category that you choose for your new ticket. You can accomplish all of these things without leaving your Hepsia Control Panel at any time, which goes to say that in case you come across any problem or have an inquiry, you can touch base with our support engineers and solve the particular problem in less than 1 hour via one support platform.